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about me  Great Britain flag
In August 2006 I started this blog with the iminent birth of Lola due any day, I see the blog as a devise for prompting me to record daily life, the ordinary and the special moments, and as an outlet for some creative urges. Back in august 2006 i said "I'm new to this digital playground so I am learning as we go along on my digital bicycle with this blog. ottolola.shutterchance.com is all about family life and what we get up to as a family.' Which is still true, as is this bio "I am Otto's and Lola's dad, Alison's husband and i can't remember my name or what i do anymore!! I think it is Christian and after17 years of trying to make it as a designer and a craftsman of 'real' object I am finding great joy making things in cyberspace, the joy is often interupted with rage and cursing at the stupidity of modern technology, and now through this blog I am seeking some 'Cool daddy' points for embrasing the said technology."
Light and darkness, time and events also eyes, ears, nose, tongue, hands, some bits of plastic, glass and silicone chips!
a DSLR and a compact digi, a video camera that does stills, a 'superclamp' and a 'magic arm' (to mount the camera to) a pushchair and also a remote control trigger.
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