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photoblog image Lola asleep
The moment I am trying to capture currently is one of Lola twisting her body, as she has started to move alot more in the last week as she is getting stronger all the time, but I am failing to capture this momentous moment on the evolutionary progress scale, so here she is asleep, with her neck thrown back to what looks like an uncomfortable position, but when she wakes she is her usual happy self shouting for milkies!


Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 14 Jan 2007, 01:14
Awww, I am in love with Lola smile She is such a cute baby.

Question, why the Name Lola? Where is it from?

Christian Brown: The short answer is that is has been Alison's favorite name for along time and since I choose Otto (and we won't be having 24 kids we thought 1 name each!) It is also a name in a song by The Kinks and one by Barry Manilow but that is not the reason, however it has been a useful guide to finding out which side of the musical fence our friends sit on, if they say 'is she going to be a show girl?' we know they are manilow fans, if they say 'does she drink champagne like cherry cola?' then they are kinks fans, and you can draw your own conclusion from that.

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