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photoblog image photoshop did this to my family!
Today I have been lucky enough to be able to concentrate on doing something for ourselves, the annual living room montage. The current one doesn't have any pictures of Lola, so an update is urgently overdue! Having spent a while doing abit of 'layout construction' I then decide to try the invert option within the selection tool in Photoshop and the above is my trial, I just think photoshop is so amazing. Now I have grasped it's capacity I will put more thought into the composition! These were wacked together like bits of hot metal on an anvil! Heres to finding out the other 99% of what can be done in the digital forge of photoshop!
Grandad 28 Aug 2007, 22:44
A fantastic image. It would be almost impossible to produce by hand drawing. I like the fact that you can see everybody, even though it looks freely done. Looking forwards to the other 99% of Photoshop experiments etc.
Just going to have a bath & off to bed, Gran has just seen the photo.

Love to you all,


Joanna Burke 30 Aug 2007, 12:29
Very Groovy !
I like it . Lovely to see you all and missing you aready especially Otto and Lola who are at such a great fun age . I must be getting old as the time is just flying by these days .
Christian Brown: One of the best things I was told while at college was 'If you were given £1440.00 every day, you would most likely make every effort to spend/use all and every pound wisely and fully, however we don't get given money but 1440 minutes'. lol C

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Yes you are talented

must fill in
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