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Today's picture is how I look after a night spent with Ralph, Huey and the Trots. Not pleasant, Alison and poor Otto look equally non plus-ed. I now feel bold enough to let rip without being on the loo! Alison is now asleep, Lola too, luckily she her normal self! Illness when you have children is awhole new ball game! Luckily the builders are off-site today while they wait for the concrete (that was poured yesterday) to set.
Christian Brown from West Wales UK 4 Sep 2007, 14:09
Ahh well it was just a matter of time before Lola puked as well and now she has.

jon 4 Sep 2007, 21:27
ooops, sorry folk!
Christian Brown: Ahh ha is was the Lewis lurggy strain? Today I'm feeling better and have been to town for a walk, Al is still ruff, Otto and Lola are fine but still scwitty.

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Joanna Burke 4 Sep 2007, 21:42
Not a good picture !
I'm so glad I wasn't there to share in the puke ,keep it to yourselves !
Christian Brown: We keep tell out to 'share' his things with Lola so by that measure we should be sharing this as well !?!

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