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photoblog image Chicken pox
Lola has been checking herself each day for pox marks most days since Otto had had it 2 weeks ago, and she has been cuffed not to have been ill. We had been planning to go away this weekend visiting friend and family in Lichfield and Nottingham but once Otto got ill we thought it was best not to go so we cancelled the visits, then Otto got better and cleared and then we were ready for Lola to go down with it, but then it looked as if her determination not to get ill was enough, but then on Saturday she had her first few poxs and the full on on Sunday. So we're glad that we hadn't gone away. On Monday Lola declared that the 'spots had gone!' when she woke up, this picture was taken on Tuesday/yesterday.
Mary MacADNski from Prince Edward Island, Canada 17 Feb 2010, 13:28
When my kids were small and playing with their cousins we went through the chicken pox phase. One child every two weeks going back and forth between the houses. It seemed to get milder with each child. Oh, the memories.
Christian Brown: Thanks Mary, I took a picture with you in mind on the weekend just past! I'll up load it soon - I was down Pembrokeshire near the port of Fishguard, I think your house is just across the bit of water that we look out to, just keep paddling....

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Miffi 18 Feb 2010, 18:54
Spotty Lola , hope it doesn't last too long !
Christian Brown: She is better now, she declared on Tuesday that the spots had gone (I took this picture on Tuesday!) I think she has the mental attitude that she was NOT going to get ill and she did not let it get her down! Obviously she's had her moment of unpleasantness but she alot better now. Well done to Dylan for passing the Driving test.

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aperture f/3.5
sensitivity unknown
focal length 18.0mm
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