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photoblog image Body Paint at DeCode
While up in London I managed to finally get to see and to make a mark with Mehmet Akten's 'Body Paint' at DeCode, part of the V&A exhibition on until 11th April. Look at this http://vimeo.com/3576457 to see video of the installation when at Newcastle. I think a camera watches for movement of the person in front of it and then somehow predicts or imagines that projected movement on to a screen, which looked similar to throwing paint. The exhibition was great as people were interacting with the pieces and even laughing in a gallery! but the space was a bit too dark so I couldn't see much of all the gubbins that make it work, and there were no books on 'how to'.
Christian Brown from Great Britain (UK) 6 Mar 2010, 23:37
I don't know how to add this as a link in the main text but I know if I add it here it will become link so click here! http://vimeo.com/3576457

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Mary MacADNski from Canada 7 Mar 2010, 12:11
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I recently heard of a woman who was filling an auditorium by painting to the rhythm of music playing. Ha! I do that every day!

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